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    SurveyVitals Helping Human Resources

    4 Ways SurveyVitals can Help Human Resources

    The SurveyVitals solution is primarily used to gather critical feedback from patients using our proprietary three-pronged contact approach. Digital patient experience surveys roll up data in real-time, equipping quality leaders with the tools to identify improvement opportunities and act swiftly. However, the breadth of the SurveyVitals platform extends far beyond patient feedback. 

    Human Resources leaders might be surprised to learn about the internal value SurveyVitals can offer to a healthcare organization. Here are four ways in which the SurveyVitals solution can benefit Human Resources.

    Understand employee perceptions of your organization 

    Our employee satisfaction questionnaire gathers input from staff about their experiences working for your organization. Respondents provide feedback anonymously via Likert-scale survey questions and free-text comments.

    Get feedback related to accountability, communication, recognition, care of team, empowerment, excellence, coaching, balance, hiring, and work environment. The data and comments collected with these surveys can help you understand and meet employee needs and drive positive change in your organization.

    Employee relationships

    With peer-to-peer surveys, you can gain valuable insights into your employees’ working relationships. Employees rate and provide constructive suggestions anonymously for their peers in a number of areas including attitude, communication, competency, responsibility, teamwork, and timeliness. 

    The results of the peer-to-peer surveys can be used by team leads and managers to increase accountability and gain awareness surrounding workplace conflict. 

    Address physician burnout

    We understand the burden of physician burnout on both clinicians and patients. The American Medical Association estimates the indirect costs of physician burnout to range from $500,000 to more than $1 million per doctor, per year. 

    Our physician satisfaction survey is one tool to help you identify the causes of physician burnout in your organization and to solicit actionable feedback from physicians that may help drive organizational changes to combat burnout.

    Our physician satisfaction survey gathers feedback from physicians regarding autonomy, expectations, income and prestige, satisfaction, quality of life, relationships, quality of care, and organizational excellence.

    Recruit and retain employees

    Insights from the employee and physician satisfaction surveys may be impactful in reducing or preventing turnover in your organization. The cost of replacing an employee can be as high as two times the employee’s annual salary--and even higher for replacing a physician. Identifying trends in workplace concerns for employees can be vital in retaining staff.

    Feedback provided by employees and physicians regarding compensation and benefits may also give you a competitive advantage in your recruitment efforts. 

    Malpractice mitigation

    A study from The American Journal of Medicine found that the bottom 10% of performers on patient experience surveys were 110% more likely to face a malpractice suit. For risk management teams, the Location and Provider Details reporting tool can identify performers most at risk to give the opportunity to remediate the potential for malpractice suits.

    A study of SurveyVitals anesthesia clients found that simply running the solution helped groups in the bottom 10% improve from the 3rd percentile rank to the 40th in the first six months. 

    Additionally, the ‘Contact Me’ feature of the SurveyVitals solution may be valuable in mitigating patient concerns before they become malpractice suits. 

    Patients can request to be contacted by a representative of their healthcare organization regarding a particular area of their care. You also have the ability to track and log these requests in the client portal. Intercepting patient concerns before they escalate may reduce the risk of a malpractice suit.

    Learn more

    To learn more about what SurveyVitals can do for your organization, click here to request more information or sign up for a short demo. 

    Curious to know how SurveyVitals works? Watch this short video or visit our website at

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