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    Tips for Boosting Patient Response Rates 1174x500

    5 Ways to Boost Response Rates to Patient Surveys

    1. Ask patients to complete the survey!

    This one might seems obvious, but it is oftentimes overlooked. Building time into your routine to quickly inform patients they will be receiving a short survey about the quality of their care and asking them to complete it can go a long way in increasing response rates. For even more success, take a two-pronged approach, having both reception and providers give patients a friendly heads-up that they will be receiving patient surveys.

    2. Give patients the "why?"

    Think about the last time someone asked you to do something. Your first instinct is to immediately question why. Be sure to share, in-person, the purpose of the survey with your patients. By demonstrating that you are committed to your patients, not only are you increasing a patient's perception of care, but you are also establishing a personal connection, which makes patients much more likely to complete a survey on your behalf.

    "Our practice is committed to providing you the very best in healthcare. Your feedback is anonymous and helps
    us improve the patient experience for you and others."
    3. Confirm a patient's mobile phone number and email address - every time

    This one is critical. For new patients, obtain both a patients' mobile phone number and email address. But what about an established patient? Have staff confirm each visit that the email and phone number listed is still a valid way to contact the patient, or ask for updated information. This simple-step helps solve issues related to invalid survey requests due to outdated or missing contact information.

    4. Personalize survey requests with SurveyVitals provider photos, email and audio settings

    Ensuring your provider photos are represented on the survey helps patient recognition, ensuring your team is getting the best feedback to improve. To upload your providers' photos, navigate to the manage users page in the portal and click the photo to upload. Customized email signature block ensures your patients have confidence in the correspondence they're receiving. Email signature blocks are customizable by organization and by division and are found within the Setup tab of your portal.

    Finally, if you're using the IVR mode, customize what your patients hear when they answer the phone. Starting with an opening, customizable by division or organization, provide your patients with a familiar voice asking for candid feedback. Don't forget to remind them you have more to share at the end of the survey!
    Need help or have questions? Contact your account manager or message us using the blue chat icon below to speak to a member of our support team.

    Patient Survey Email Settings

    5. Hang it on the wall!

    Reinforce your message by displaying it visually as well. Download and use the free printable at your facility - hang it on the wall or include it with other forms provided to the patient as a reminder.

    Download: 8.5 x 11 printable (PNG file here)
    Printable Handout SurveyVitals 2019

    October 11th, 2016 Categories: Best Practice, Urgent Care, patient experience