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    Patient Experience | Year in Review 2015

    2015 Year in review

    Patient Satisfaction is improving because of what you do.

    Here are the metrics you were part of in 2015.

    10,435,542 Questions Answered 
    7,959,522 Passionate Promoters 
    16,458 Minutes of Audio Comments
    Respecting Privacy Most improved for Anesthesiology
    Overall Experience Most improved for outpatient
    Great Most used Positive Word 
    Afraid Most used Negative word 
    46 to 1 Positive to Negative word ratio
    Stay tuned for positive and negative word metrics to arrive on the portal.
    65 – 74 Highest Responding Age Group
    55 – 65 Most Hip Age Group
    218,198 Dashboard Logins
    24,750 Contact Requests 
    266,614 Alerts Issued
    Thank you for helping your patients, your organization and SurveyVitals
    Get Better!

    What's new in 2016?

    A lot! Visit the links below to watch the newest overview videos.

    New in Anesthesia 2016
    New in Outpatient 2016

    About SurveyVitals

    For over 15 years, SurveyVitals has partnered with healthcare organizations to improve the patient experience using innovative technology. SurveyVitals offers comprehensive survey solutions, including a unique blend of digital experience surveys, CMS-approved CAHPS administration, and online reputation tools to help organizations of all sizes and specialties meet their goals.

    SurveyVitals 360° solution will help you:

    • Gather feedback from your patients via text message, email, and automated phone call
    • Identify improvement opportunities critical to the patient experience with a real-time analytics platform
    • Keep clinicians engaged with automated alerts and feedback -- all within a mobile app
    • Boost the number online reviews & positive ratings important to your business on sites like Google
    • Better understand internal workplace culture with employee and physician satisfaction surveys.

    Schedule a demo today to see how SurveyVitals can help you surpass your goals.

    December 28th, 2015 Categories: client spotlight, featured, patient experience, surveyvitals blog