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    MIPS 2021 Improvement Activities

    MIPS Improvement Activities Best Practices

    Clinicians and groups participating in the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) must earn 40 points for Improvement Activities (IA) in order to receive full credit for the IA performance category. High-weighted activities are worth 20 points, while medium-weighted activities are worth 10 points. Participants with special status will receive double points for each activity completed.

    Participants must be engaged in their chosen Improvement Activities for a continuous 90 days during the MIPS performance year. At least 50% of clinicians reporting as a group must participate in the same activity in order to earn credit.
    SurveyVitals data can be used to support fulfillment of seven different Improvement Activities, two of which are high-weighted. For attestation, SurveyVitals recommends certain best practices during the 90 day performance period.
    • Have a plan. Mapping out activities and determining your 90-day performance period ahead of time will ensure you are ready for attestation when the performance year ends. Choosing a performance period prior to the fourth quarter will allow time for completion of necessary documentation.
    • Identify participating clinicians and keep an updated roster. Make sure all of your participating clinicians have SV access, and turn on and utilize pertinent features such as alerts, Improvement Center, etc.
    • Enable any pertinent SurveyVitals addendum questions. Your client success manager can help to add demographics and access questions to your core survey.
    • Include unique case identifiers in your uploads. This will be helpful should you wish to correlate your survey scores back to your clinical data and/or other metrics.
    • Document meetings and trainings where patient experience data is incorporated. Keep meeting minutes and attendance sheets.
    • Establish policies and procedures. Outline the purpose and intent of your chosen activity, as well as any associated actions you plan to take in support of the activity.
    • Identify champions. Choose an individual to own the activity and ensure tasks supporting the activity are completed.
    Access your data and reports. Utilize your SurveyVitals data, including provider scorecards and reports from the Report Builder, in your supporting documentation. Raw data download and user engagement metrics are also available.

    Interested in learning more about how SurveyVitals can help you succeed with MIPS? Learn more on our MIPS page or schedule a demo.
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    March 16th, 2021 Categories: improvement activities, QPP, Best Practices, MIPS, quality payment program