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    3 Ways SurveyVitals can Support Marketing Teams

    The SurveyVitals solution is primarily used to gather critical feedback from patients using our proprietary three-pronged contact approach. Digital patient experience surveys roll up data in real-time, equipping quality leaders with the tools to identify improvement opportunities and act swiftly. However, the breadth of the SurveyVitals platform extends far beyond just patient feedback.

    Healthcare organizations might be surprised to learn about how the SurveyVitals solution can support their marketing efforts. Here are three ways in which SurveyVitals can benefit marketing teams.

    1. Build your online reputation

    Over 80% of patients look online when choosing a physician. SurveyVitals offers a proactive approach to online reputation. Build your online brand through increased reviews from verified patients, ensuring your prospective patients are getting a more accurate representation of your practice.

    SurveyVitals Online Reputation

    Public Review

    Public Review drives your verified patients to rate their experiences with your practice or their physicians online using a secure, automated survey engine. Patient reviews display on dedicated web pages, contributing toward your Google search rank and increasing patient visibility. Clients who use the Public Review feature see that over 99% of patients leave reviews of 4 stars or higher.

    Public Review + Google

    Of patients who look to online reviews when choosing a healthcare provider, the majority turn to Google. Over half of people report they won’t use a business with less than a 4-star rating on Google, and it takes almost 40 positive reviews to negate the damage of one negative review. 

    SurveyVitals’ Public Review + Google tool helps you to effortlessly increase your number of positive Google reviews from actual patients, resulting in higher star ratings and more reviews related directly to the patient experience of care.

    In a SurveyVitals case study, 11 healthcare organizations spanning 9 specialties saw an average growth of 936% in their volume of online reviews and an average increase of 1.09 stars in just six months using Public Review + Google.  Watch this short video to see how it works. 

    Provider Widget

    Showcase your clinicians’ actual patient ratings on your website with the Provider Widget. The Provider Widget displays star ratings, top achievements, and more. Choose from one of three widget designs; it’s easy to set up and once it’s complete, your provider stats update automatically!

    Provider Widget

    2. Ask the Right Questions with Question Bank

    Leverage the Question Bank to gather input from your patients to advance your marketing efforts. Ask patients about their willingness to recommend or where they heard about your practice, gauge patient loyalty, and more. 

    Add trending questions to your surveys to support initiatives such as the National COVID-19 Patient Views study SurveyVitals clients participated in during the first year of the pandemic.  

    Question Bank also supports market research that can help drive decisions in your organization, such as new locations, services or equipment. Deliver questions to all of your patients or use a wide array of filtering options to gather input from specific patient groups or demographics.

    3. Show your patients you care 

    Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to improving quality of care by simply inviting patients to participate in patient experience surveys. Utilize your SurveyVitals aggregate data and patient comments to advertise your best areas and what patients love most about your practice.

    Earn achievements like quarterly and annual Top 10% Awards and showcase your dedication to the patient experience. Share your achievements with the world with certificates and a media kit designed by our marketing team.

    SurveyVitals Top 10

    Learn more

    To learn more about what SurveyVitals can do for your organization, click here to request more information or sign up for a short demo. 

    Curious to know how SurveyVitals works? Watch this short video or visit our website at



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