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    3 Tips for Using SurveyVitals Patient Comment Analysis

    Patient comments help you get to the heart of your patient experience. Your quantitative patient experience survey scores highlight your strongest and weakest areas and allow you to compare your performance to that of your peers, but patient comments can be vital to understanding the opportunities for improvement within your organization.

    The SurveyVitals Report Builder tool makes it easy to access and sort through your patient comments. Here are three tips for viewing patient free-text comments in your portal to get the most out of our reporting and analysis tools.

    1. Sort by semantic and sentiment score

    Each text comment is given a semantic and a sentiment score. 

    Semantic analysis assigns a score of -100 to 100 based on individual positive and negative keywords. 

    Sentiment analysis uses natural language processing (NLP) and a machine-learning algorithm to measure how positive, negative, mixed, or neutral a comment is based on the overall tone of the language. Unlike semantic analysis, sentiment analysis looks at negation words used in conjunction with emotional keywords (such as, ‘They made me feel not so afraid’).

    Comment Analysis

    You can quickly view only the most positive or negative comments by sorting by either semantic or sentiment score. To sort comments, click on any semantic or sentiment column header. Sentiment can be sorted by the overall rating, or by the negative, mixed, neutral, and positive ratings represented by emojis.

    Sorting comments can save you time in reviewing large amounts of comments for trends and prevailing concerns.

    2. Search by keyword

    Searching by keywords such as “privacy” or “rushed” is a great way to discover and narrow down patient comments to only those relating to a specific topic. If you are aware of a trend at your practice, the search tool can help you hone in on what patients are saying about it.

    Keyword Search

    Comment keyword searches make it easier not only to identify improvement opportunities, but to see where your efforts are paying off the most in certain areas.

    3. Export comments

    Share comments with team members and clinicians or export for your own custom needs with a raw data download. Comments can be downloaded from the Report Builder page in your portal in CSV or PDF format. 

    Exporting comments makes it easy to review with the team as a whole or with individual clinicians. Downloading as a CSV gives you greater control over filtering and more opportunity for integration for your own unique needs.

    Learn more

    Learn more about how you can identify patient trends and drive improvement with actionable data in your organization. Schedule a demo today.


    July 6th, 2021 Categories: Best Practice, Portal, reporting, Patient feedback, Patient Perception, Patient Satisfaction, featured, patient experience, Surveys, semantic, comments, keyword, sentiment, patient comments